Here at Prospero Teaching we are committed to helping our schools provide exceptional education and support to children with special educational needs (SEN). We recognise the importance of qualified professionals in our mission to offer the highest quality learning experiences to these children. We are currently seeking an experienced and highly educated SEN Teaching Assistant to join our dedicated team at one of our local Blackburn schools.

Role and Responsibilities:

As an SEN Teaching Assistant your role will include:

Individualised Support: Provide specialised, one-on-one support to students with various SEN requirements, tailoring assistance to their unique needs.

Collaboration: Work closely with teachers, SENCOs (Special Educational Needs Coordinators), and other professionals to develop and implement personalised education plans.

Assessment and Reporting: Assist in the assessment and monitoring of student progress, contributing to comprehensive reports and evaluations.

Resource Development: Create and adapt teaching materials and resources to accommodate the diverse learning needs of students.

Behavioural Support: Employ strategies to manage challenging behaviour effectively and create a positive and inclusive classroom environment.


To be considered for the SEN Teaching Assistant role, you should have:

A relevant degree or equivalent qualification in Special Education, Education, or a related field.

A proven track record of working with children with SEN, demonstrating your expertise and understanding of various SEN conditions and teaching strategies.

Strong interpersonal and communication skills to collaborate effectively with students, colleagues, and parents.

The ability to adapt and differentiate instruction to cater to individual learning needs.

Empathy, patience, and a passion for empowering students with SEN to reach their full potential.

A commitment to upholding the highest standards of educational practice and contributing to an inclusive and supportive educational environment.

How to Apply:

If you are a highly educated and experienced SEN Teaching Assistant committed to enriching the lives of students with SEN, we invite you to apply for this opportunity. Please submit your CV and a comprehensive cover letter outlining your qualifications, experience, and dedication to SEN education to .

At Prospero we believe in equal opportunity employment and are dedicated to fostering a diverse and inclusive workplace. We welcome applicants from diverse backgrounds and experiences.

Join our team and contribute to the development and success of students with SEN, offering them the support and education they deserve. Apply now and be a part of our dynamic educational community dedicated to making a meaningful impact