Lavinia Neda, Big Issue Vendor, Cardiff

Lavinia arrived in the UK from Romania with her husband, looking for better jobs to support their family and started selling The Big Issue almost right away. Lavinia enjoyed speaking to her customers and over time she found that her English improved and slowly her confidence grew.  Although Lavinia had experience working on a market stall […]

James Bradbury, Big Issue Recruit Candidate, Leicester

James Bradbury, a former Big Issue vendor, from Leicester, didn’t realise how far he could come or how much life would change for the better after starting to sell The Big Issue magazine. He said: “I was homeless, on the streets for 2 years before starting to sell The Big Issue and that’s how my […]

Eliza Pitkin, The Big Issue, London

When she qualified from the National Film and Television School, Eliza thought she was at the start of a new career. But her move from education came at one of the worst times imaginable: the very start of the pandemic. With her career on forced pause, she was unemployed and stuck claiming universal credit for […]